Noel Jane Bourg

Web Developer

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About Me

I’m a developer working in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Ruby on Rails I used to be in the health and wellness industry working in coaching,sports instruction, and business administration.

I’m taking my organizational and instructive skills to program web applications. Currently, I’m working on a party-planning app using node.js and React.


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Skills & Technologies


HTML | CSS | Javascript | Ruby | Python

Libraries & Frameworks

jQuery | Rails | Node | Express | React | Django | | Bootstrap | MaterializeCSS


PostgreSQL | MongoDB



Technologies used:
Node.js, JavaScript,HTML,jQuery,Bootstrap


A sketch app where you make a drawing/sketch based off a random prompt.

Party Party

Technologies used:
Front-end: React.js JavaScript HTML CSS

Back-end: Node.js MongoDB

This app is designed to help you make parties and invite your friends. It includes a special feature where you live chat about the party using

Ski Free

Technologies used:
HTML, CSS, Javascript, and jQuery

Ski Free was a 1991 Microsoft classic computer game that I used to love to play as kid growing up in Colorado's Rocky Mountains. In it, you try to avoid obstacles as you ski down the hill

Bucket List

Technologies used:
Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and my quick wit

This app is designed to help you discover, plan, and document activities that you complete in the city where you live. It was inspired by my friend who is hoping to complete a list of things in LA before she moves out of the city.

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